Our Story

Alika Crafts is a platform for leather artisans from across the Indian subcontinent. We are based on principles of fair-trade and our artisans set the price we pay. This means, your purchases make a real difference in the life of the creator and helps in bringing about sustainable change to artisan communities who, most times, struggle to access profitable markets.

All our products are one-off original work, lovingly crafted, exquisitely detailed and a reflection of traditional craft and skills practiced by the artisan. Every piece is extensively researched by really knowing our artisans, stories behind their creations and its provenance. We believe in the power of culture as an enabler and support its preservation by encouraging emerging  artisans to learn their skills passed from one generation to next over hundreds of years, explaining the value of their art in the global marketplace and providing a means to access it.

​All of our artisans reinvest their income into health, education, children, family, and the community.

We are forever so grateful to all our artisans and their community who trust in us to do the right thing by them and their creations.